GIANTS Editor 6.0.5 (x64/x32) & Plugins & Manuals



GIANTS Editor 6.0.5 (x64/x32) & Plugins & Manuals — Программа для создания/редактирования модов игры Farming Simulator 2015 и предыдущих версий. В комплекте: DEM Converter v1.1.2, GRLE Converter v7.0.0, GIANTS Editor v6.0.5 32bit, GIANTS Editor v6.0.5 64bit, Blender Exporter Plugins v6.0.2, Maya Exporter Plugins v6.0.3, 3Ds MAX Exporter Plugins v6.0.3, LUA sheet, FS2015 Sample Mod, FS2015 Mod Map SDK, Modding eBook PDF (English), Modding eBook PDF (German).

— Fixed uv coordinates when saving split shape attachments
— Added support for layer specification for foliage/terrain detail distance textures (distanceMapLayers)
— Added support for orthographic cameras
— Added saving of distance texture cache for faster game loading times
— Fixed double-clicking on i3D files with spaces in their path
— Script editing improvements
— File based storage
— Added script menu in addition to toolbar
— Added support for maps larger than 4km x 4km

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